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Nicole Lauren

Nicole Lauren Comedian
Florida - In the sand
Nicole Lauren is a SAG E actress, comedian and all around 11 year old. Nicole has performed in NYC and Florida. Nicole enjoys being in front of the camera and loves a live audience ‎while performing comedy or theater.
My greatest achievements have been being an extra on Tim Burton’s film, a few SAG films and the lead in a cool music video.
"I adore Ellen DeGeneres and I would love to tell her a joke and make her snort. I know I can make her laugh so hard that she snorts! You need a connection to the show or a LOT of people writing into the Ellen show to get them to look at you and your video - But hey that is my dream, that.... and I want to take over the world."
Nicole is cast in Legion of Ru, a period piece filming in Orlando. Nicole has a few movies that are also in production around Florida. See nicolelaurencomedy.com for more info.
"Once my Dad was called out to raise his hand in the audience. The show host said he must be a very tolerant Dad because I was making fun of him for 6 minutes. I love my parents for letting me follow my dreams. 'Can't tell Honey Bee's that they shouldn't make Honey' - Kids are just like that. We have a voice, a need for expression and we should be encouraged if that is what we want to do.
Comedy & Acting are really hard but I LOVE IT. I will continue my first love of comedy and go on tour as a standup comedian & as well as acting/producing/directing films and TV….. If I get tired of that I think I will study Science. Girls need to work the sciences because that is where you can truly leave your mark on the world."